Contract for Services


One of the sessions at our Spring M.A.T. (Minnesota Area Townships Association) Short Course Training Sessions for Supervisors, Clerks and Treasurers was a presentation by one of M.A.T.’s attorneys addressing concerns regarding donations townships had been making to non-profits.

The only Non-Profits to which the Citizens of Clay Township can legally donate township funds are the Library and the Historical Society. However, others may qualify by following the steps that M.A.T.’s legal department requires for receiving Clay Township Funds through Minnesota Statute § 365.10, subd. 14, which allows us to “Contract for Health, Social, or Recreational Services.” These requirements remain the same and are as follows:

M.A.T. REQUIRES that you do TWO things to qualify for funds:

  1. Complete all required sections on the two sided “Contract for Health, Social, or Recreational Services,” including the following information:
    • (a) Page One: The Second “Whereas”, listing the official name of your organization.
    • (b) Page One: Section (1): Describe the service your organization will provide.
    • (c) Page Two: Name & Title, Signature and Date.
  2. Send proof of current liability insurance covering your organization (home insurance policies & riders are not acceptable for this M.A.T. Requirement).

The above documents must be mailed to the Clay Township Clerk and postmarked between February 1st and February 28th of the year in which you are requesting funds in order to be considered at Clay Township’s Annual Meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Del Holz at 218-699-3804.


Download the Contract for Health, Social, or Recreational Services form here.