March 13, 2018 Report to Annual Meeting 

Key 2017 Details Following Annual Audit on 2-28-18 

EXPENSES FROM ROAD & BRIDGE LEVY = $8,593.75. Of this was $4,205.00 was for all non-snow related road work. Routine graveling and repair occurs for each road every four years on a rotating schedule when needed. Rotation schedule: (a) Second half of Jasmine, 2018 (b) First mile of Jasmine and 290th from highway four to old Rosenberg house, and spot gravel to grader turnaround, 2019 (c) Jewel, 2020 (d) Jigsaw, 2021 (e) repeat. Snow removal and sanding expenses totaled $4,388.75 of the total Road and Bridge expense. Significantly less Road and Bridge expenses in that 2017 did not incur 2016’s expenses for Jigsaw Water Abatement: $10,312 and Jewel Washout: $4,771.00 (which included Jewel’s spot graveling rotation as well). 

EXPENSES FROM GENERAL LEVY = $25,833.92. This figure includes $5,900 in Contracts for Service. Supervisors added 1st Responders ($1,000) and Bad Ax Lake Association AIS prevention of a heated power washer for boats coming and going ($1550.00), as well as $2,000 for Mantrap AIS Boat Inspection. Wages and Reimbursements were $6,531.00, Assessor fees: $4,265.68, & Fire Contract: $3,113.00. Other expenses included Insurance: $1,799.00; with the rest made up of Office supplies, Postage, Required newspaper notices in the Enterprise, Donations to Library and Historical Society, & Mantrap Valley Conservation Club for building use, and incidentals. 

TOTAL ALL 2017 EXPENSES: $34,483.08 

INCOME TOTAL = $91,938.49. We began 2017 with a $206,133.61 balance in all accounts, including the dedicated Building Fund (041) of $72,084.55. Income breaks out as: General Fund: $44,996.03; Rd & Bridge: $45,569.59; 041 Building Fund: $1,372.87 (included in total is an additional March payment of $29,917.86 for Timber Sales from Tax Forfeit Land, which the County Auditor has advised NOT to plan on in our budgeting process). After subtracting all bills submitted and paid in 2017, we started 2018 with $160,199.22 operating Fund which does NOT include a total dedicated Building Fund (041) of $103,457.42 (Supervisors moved $30,000 from Rd & Brdge to Bldg.Fund 041, in March, 2017) These balances put us in excellent standing with the Minnesota Association of Townships recommendations and guidelines. 

All financial records are available for inspection at our annual meeting. 


Del Holz, Clay Township Treasurer


March 13, 2018