Meeting Minutes May 24, 2017

Download the .pdf copy of the meeting minutes here.



MAY 24, 2017, 7:00 PM





1.  CALL TO ORDER: The May 24th, 2017, Meeting of the Clay Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Andy Kietzman, and those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


            2.  ROLL CALL: Present: Supervisors Andy Kietzman and Norm Leistikow, Treasurer Del Holz, and Clerk Margie Vik. Supervisor Jeff Haukebo was present via teleconference call. Absent: None. Others Present: Alice Holz, Marty Leistikow, and Betty Haukebo.



            3.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: A motion was made by Leistikow, seconded by Kietzman, and unanimously carried to approve the agenda as presented.



            4.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:


A.  Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes-April 26, 2017: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes for April 26th, 2017, as presented.



            5.  NEW BUSINESS:


A.  Thank You Cards: Vik stated she received a thank you card from the Headwaters Animal Shelter for the Township’s contributions for services.


B.  Hubbard County Township Association Meeting: Leistikow stated he attended the meeting of the Hubbard County Township Association where they discussed mitigation for emergency management and noxious weeds.



            6.  OLD BUSINESS:


 A.  Liability Insurance Coverage: Kietzman stated he sent a copy of Cumber’s liability insurance to the township association’s attorney for his opinion on whether or not they carried the sufficient recommended level of coverage for risk. The attorney said that yes, Cumber’s has the sufficient coverage.



            7.  APPROVAL OF TREASURERS REPORT:  Holz stated $62.54 was received from the money market account interest. The checking account balance is $664.00, and the money market balance is $220,456.38. The total funds are $221,120.83. There is $1,564.18 in outstanding checks. There’s $102,084.55 in the building fund. The operating balance is $117,471.65. The outstanding invoices for this month are $172.50 for Cumber Construction, $4,265.68 for SLL Inc. (assessor fees), $2,160.00 for estimated stipends and reimbursements, and $360.00 for estimated second quarter IRS payment. Total payables are $6,958.18.

A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay the outstanding invoices.



            8.  ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Haukebo, and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:14 p.m.




ATTEST:                                                         Chair Andy Kietzman




Margie M. Vik

Township Clerk