Meeting Minutes April 22, 2020

Download the .pdf copy of the meeting minutes here.

APRIL 22, 2020, 6:00 PM

  • 1. CALL TO ORDER: The April 22nd, 2020, Meeting of the Clay Township Board was called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chair Andy Kietzman, and those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • 2. ROLL CALL: Present: Chair Andy Kietzman, Supervisors Jeff Haukebo and Norm Leistikow, Treasurer Del Holz, and Clerk Margie Vik. All board members participated by phone. Absent: None. Others Present: None.
  • 3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Haukebo, and unanimously carried to approve the agenda as presented.
    • A. Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes-March 25, 2020: A motion was made by Haukebo, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes for March 25th, 2020, as presented.
    • A. Gambling Permit: Kietzman stated he received a request for a gambling permit from the Mantrap Valley Conservation Club to hold their bingo nights this summer. A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve a Minnesota Gambling LG240B Permit Application to Conduct Excluded Bingo for the Mantrap Valley Conservation Club in 2020.
    • B. Township Meetings: Kietzman explained that the township is required to hold their meetings remotely during the COVID-19 shutdown and would post that to the website. Haukebo stated the minutes on the website are not up to date. Vik stated she would check on that.
    • C. Road Issues: Leistikow stated he called Cumber Construction and scheduled for two inches of gravel to be applied to Jewel Drive.
    • D. Thank You Notes: Vik stated she received a thank you from the Hubbard County Life Long Learning for the township’s contribution. Holz added he received thank you notes from Hubbard County Food Shelf, the Park Rapids Library, and Hubbard First Responders.
    • A. Town Hall Update: Kietzman stated he received two bids for the new town hall. One from Tim Yliniemi, who did the Clover Town Hall, in the amount of $109,750.00. The second one is from Eric Munson in the amount of $162,144.00. Both are good contractors and either one of them can do a good job. I sat down with both of them to review the specifications. Yliniemi did the Clover Town Hall for around $80,000.00, but this bid includes a concrete vault and the labor for it, which accounts for the additional amount. The bid is not out of line. The building will include a forced air wall heater, which moves the air around quickly heating up the building. Holz stated he would lean towards the Yliniemi bid so it would leave money for furniture and flooring. Any extra money could be used to heat the building in the future and for things we’d like to see. Leistikow agreed. Kietzman stated the board would have to authorize the contract, and the contractor understands that the board needs invoices to authorize payments. Holz stated the building funds would require a two day turnaround once they are needed. Haukebo questioned if the building would have video capabilities for remote meetings. Kietzman stated with today’s wireless technologies you don’t really need anything. We could have Paul Bunyan drop a line to the building for internet, but that would require a monthly fee. Several board members stated they had seen Yliniemi’s work, which is good, or had worked with him in the past without any incidents. Haukebo stated this is a long term investment for the township. The cost per year is minimal and the township would have its independence from other agencies. A motion was made by Haukebo, seconded by Kietzman, and unanimously carried to accept the low bid in the amount of $107,750.00, for the construction of a new town hall, from Tim Yliniemi Construction. Kietzman stated he would talk to both bidders and would work out a start date with Yliniemi.
  • 7. APPROVAL OF TREASURERS REPORT: Holz presented his written treasurer’s report to the board (see attached). Holz requested approval to pay Cumber Construction, but had not yet received an invoice. The board instructed him to wait until the next township meeting in May to make the payment to Cumber. A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay the outstanding invoices, excluding the Cumber Construction bill.
  • 8. ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Haukebo, and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 6:32 p.m.
_______________________________ ATTEST: Chair Andy Kietzman
______________________________ Margie M. Vik Township Clerk