Meeting Minutes March 13, 2018

Download the .pdf copy of the meeting minutes here.



1.      Chair Andy Kietzman called the meeting to order at 7 p.m., March 13, 2018 at Mantrap Valley Conservation Club.  In attendance were Betty and Jeff Haukebo, Del and Alice Holz, Andy Kietzman, Norm and Marty Leistikow, David Bjorklund, and Sue Pickus. 

2.      The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

3.      Andy Kietzman was chosen as moderator on a motion by Norm Leistikow and seconded by Alice Holz and passed unanimously and Marty was unanimously accepted as this year’s Secretary.

4.      Agenda was adopted as published. 

5.      Annual Meeting Minutes from 2017 presented by Marty Leistikow were unanimously approved on a motion by Del Holz, seconded by Alice Holz.

6.      Audit Report presented by Del Holz was unanimously approved on a motion by Marty Leistikow, seconded by Norm Leistikow.  It was noted that 2017 expenses on road and bridge were less than the previous year because of repair costs during the previous year.  See attached report. 

7.      Road report was presented by Norm Leistikow.  During discussion, it was decided to change the reference of “first half” and “second half” of Jasmine Drive to “West half” and “East half” for clarification.  The clarification wording is now, “In 2018 we will gravel the west part of Jasmine Drive as per the previously adopted schedule, and in 2019 we will do the east part of Jasmine and 280th Street. “The report was unanimously approved on a motion by Del Holz and seconded by Norm Leistikow.

8.      2019 Levy Recommendations were presented by Treasurer Del Holz.  The recommended levy is $25,000 for road and bridge, $24,000 general levy, and $1,000 building fund, for a total of $50,000, which is $2,000 less than last year and which continues a record of reduced or no increase in levy amounts beginning with the 2011 levy. The recommended levy was approved unanimously on a motion by Jeff Haukebo and second by Andy Kietzman. 

9.      Donations and Contract for Service:  Dave Bjorklund spoke about First Responders.  He said the service has improved its response rate and has several new responders.  Clay Township had only 2 calls in 2017, but has had as many as 12 in a year.  Del Holz spoke on behalf of Kinship, saying that investment in that program pays off in terms of student success.  Marty Leistikow spoke on behalf of HCLL, explaining that township investment increases the quality of presenters that can be available.  Alice Holz advocated for the Historical Society, saying that it was an important community asset.  Andy Kietzman noted that six letters from organizations requesting funds did not have the required documentation.  On a motion from Jeff Haukebo and seconded by Andy Kietzman, the vote was unanimous to approve the following allocations: 

                        Library:                      $700

                        First Responders:      1500

                        Kinship                         300

                        HCLL                           350

                        Historical Society        300 

                        MVCC                         400

                        Subtotal:                     3550   

            In addition, $2200 was previously approved for AIS control measures, bringing the total to $5750.  Sue Pickus asked about making additional requests during the year, and was told that if it was for a specific investment such as equipment, the Township Board can approve such expenses at its regular meetings. 

10.  “General Discussion of Items of Concern:”  Andy Kietzman presented a letter of thanks for the pressure washer purchase for Bad Axe Lake.


       Another thank you letter came from Jim Nemczek as thanks for Big Mantrap AIS control funds. 

      A letter from Winston Hagen concerning gravel pits was read and discussed.  He presented ideas concerning the existing Cumber pit and the new pit that’s in planning stages.  Mr. Hagen’s letter advocated for the following actions in regard to the current pit:  1.  That Pit #3 not be opened until pit 1 and 2 are done and replanted with trees; 2.  All trees within 100 feet of any property boundary not be disturbed, also within 150 feet of any road; 3. Digging should stay above water table; 4.  Trees should be logged in small sections as mining progresses; 5.  Would like calcium chloride sprayed on roads to keep dust down from truck traffic.”  Concerning the new pit, he advocates:  1.  Pit 3 not be open until 1 and 2 done and replanted; 2.  All trees within 100 feet of any property boundary not be disturbed, and 150 ft. boundary any road; 3.  Stay above water table; 4.  Log in small sections; 5.  Spray calcium chloride.”  Discussion of these ideas and potential changes to zoning regulations followed the reading of the letter.  Jeff Haukebo explained that existing zoning regulations do not specify what determines that a pit is finished.  He suggested a revision to zoning regulations to make that aspect more specific.  The pits are created under zoning regulations in place at the time they are created, and can’t be subject to after the fact changes.  However, the township may well have more gravel pits in the future, so we should look into rules that would make sense. 

      Another item of general discussion involved whether a township hall should be built.  Reasons for doing so would be to keep township records safe, to have a facility available for use by township residents, and to have a place for meetings.  Also, building costs may well go up.  Reasons to be cautious include comparative costs and benefits.  An ad hoc committee to explore options was formed with Norm Leistikow, Andy Kietzman, Sue Pickus, Betty Haukebo, and Del Holz volunteering to serve on a committee that would explore possibilities and make a report with a cost estimate at next year’s annual meeting.
11.  The 2019 Township Annual Meeting will be Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 7 p.m. at Mantrap Valley Conservation Club.

11.  On a motion by Norm Leistikow, seconded by Del Holz, and passed unanimously, the meeting was recessed at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,


            Marty Leistikow, Acting Secretary