Meeting Minutes February 28, 2018

Download the .pdf copy of the meeting minutes here.

February 28, 2018, 7:00 PM

  • 1. CALL TO ORDER: The February 28th, 2018, Meeting of the Clay Township Board was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair Andy Kietzman, and those present recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • 2. ROLL CALL: Present: Supervisors Andy Kietzman, Jeff Haukebo, and Norm Leistikow, Treasurer Del Holz, and Clerk Margie Vik. Absent: None. Others Present: George Honzay, Jeff Hatlewick, Richard Swenson, and Winston Hagen.
  • 3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the agenda as presented.
  • 4. PUBLIC HEARING: Continued from November 22, 2017
    • A. Conditional Use Permit to Allow Gravel Pit Operations at PID #04.33.00500: Kietzman stated all parties met at Emmaville Store to discuss compromising. The following conditions were agreed to by both parties:
    • 1) Applicant will work away from Emmaville Store to the west and south as projected on the pit map, which is roughly 1,000 feet from the Emmaville property. Applicant will enter the southern property from the current pit location for the transportation of equipment.
    • 2) Entrance to pit will remain off of County Highway 4. No new entrance will be established or allowed.
    • 3) Operation hours will be limited to 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Memorial Day to Labor Day, all other dates outside of this timeframe will have no hour’s restrictions.
    • 4) Applicant will provide a new well for the Emmaville Store property if quality of, or water volume of current well is compromised due to mining operations.
    • 5) Applicant will provide an easement appurtenant to the property for the creation of a new drain field for the Emmaville Store property. All expenses associated with said easement, such as survey and all necessary legal documents, will be paid by the Emmaville Store property owners.
    • 6) Applicant agrees to provide a competitive quote to repave the Emmaville Store property when there is work in the nearby area.

      George Hozay stated he would have a well driller come to Emmaville this summer to do a water volume test to establish a base line. Both parties agreed to all of the conditions.

      A motion was made by Leistikow, seconded by Kietzman, to approve a Conditional Use Permit to Allow Gravel Pit Operations in the Conservation Zoning District, PID #04.33.00500, with the stated conditions.

      The vote was called. Leistkow and Kietzman voted in favor. Haukebo abstained. The motion carried.

      Discussion: Kietzman thanked all parties for compromising to achieve shared goals. The board’s roll is to enforce the rules as they exist today. We received a petition that suggested the board do things that were not legal, and not within the boards ability to execute. If zoning changes are desired and/or needed they should be presented at the board’s annual meeting for consideration. Residents need to be pro-active so any laws in place now can be changed properly and legally to be clear and well defined. One such issue is that it’s not clear in the zoning ordinance is at what point does gravel pit property have to be restored. A committee could be formed to make a recommendation for changes to the board. Also, any changes or additions to other gravel pits in the township can be discussed at that time. If you can’t attend the meeting, written comments can be submitted prior to the meeting.

    • A. Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes-January 24, 2018: A motion was made by Haukebo, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the Clay Township Regular Meeting Minutes for January 24th, 2018, as presented.
    • A. Local Board of Appeal & Equalization: Vik stated the Local Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting is scheduled for April 19th, 2018, to be held at the Mantrap Valley Conservation Club.
    • B. Short Courses: Kietzman stated the Minnesota Township Association’s Short Courses will be held at the Sanford Center in Bemidji, on April 4th, 2018.
    • C. Fire Contract: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Haukebo, and unanimously carried to authorize the execution of the Fire Contract for 2018 with the City of Park Rapids, and to pay the contract.
    • D. Gambling Permit: A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Leistikow, and unanimously carried to approve the LG220 Minnesota State gambling permit for the United Foundation for Disabled Archers Inc. (UFFDA).
  • 7. OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.
  • 8. APPROVAL OF TREASURERS REPORT: Holz stated $134.40 was received from the money market account interest. A check in the amount of $46.00 was returned by the Hubbard County Auditor for an overpayment since the original charge was paid by the township in October of 2017. The checking account balance is $61.12, and the money market balance is $262,646.45. The total funds are $262,707.57. There’s $103,457.42 in the building fund. $3,000.00 was transferred from the money market account to the checking account to cover January’s expenses. The operating balance as of February 28th, 2018, is $156,250.15. There are no outstanding checks. The outstanding invoices for this month are $1,037.50 for Cumber Construction, $62.00 for the Enterprise, $805.00 for Minnesota Benefit Association Group Life Insurance, and $2,982.00 for the 2018 Fire Contract with the City of Park Rapids. Total payables are $4,886.50.

    Holz stated $775.00 was listed on last month’s treasurer’s report but it was not subtracted from the total but was paid in January.

    A motion was made by Leistikow, seconded by Kietzman, and unanimously carried to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay the outstanding invoices.

    The board discussed the funds currently in the money market account and concluded that since the CD rates have increased to a higher percentage than what the township is receiving in the money market account, it was decided to move $200,000.00 to a twelve (12) month CD.

    A motion was made by Kietzman, seconded by Haukebo, and unanimously carried to move $200,000.00 to a twelve (12) month CD, to be split between four (4) $50,000.00 CDs, which will be invested quarterly.

  • 9. ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made by Haukebo, seconded by Kietzman, and unanimously carried to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.
_______________________________ ATTEST: Chair Andy Kietzman
______________________________ Margie M. Vik Township Clerk